Made My New Company Logo at

I found a great logo designer that was extremely easy to use, and had several options to help me make a new company logo by scratch.  I had no idea where to start as far as getting a logo designed, but after a search on Google, I came across “LogoSnap” at  

Within just a few minutes after staring up their logo maker, I had found a design I liked, then I was brought to a screen where I could fully customize the design with any color I wanted, as well as add text in several available fonts.  I’ll post my new logo here tomorrow for my Website Development company!

Stop Trying to Reset Password, PLEASE!! ;-)

I must get 10 password resets a month, if you want this account and are willing to bid for it, send an email to, thanks!

My First Blog

At the moment I am working on becoming debt-free after listening to the sound advice of Dave Ramsey. I have picked up an extra job to pay off credit card debt, and have made a spreadsheet to track my progress.